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What is a dpf filter?

DPF is a filter on the exhaust system, Diesel Particulate Filter which collects carbon soot and sometimes oil from your engine. It stores it in a particulate chamber to help lower emissions. When on a long drive it performs a DPF regeneration, the chamber reaches a high temperature which burns off excessive carbon and soot, there are many things that can cause this to fail or not to regenerate.

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What Causes DPFs To Block or Fail?

We always get asked this question, so here are a few of the most common causes.

Component Failure Such As Glow-Plug Or EGR Valves.

On some vehicles having a fault such as faulty Glow-Plugs, which are needed for DPF regeneration, won’t always show up on your dashboard as a fault. The engine management warning light sometimes does not come on as the fault priority isn’t high enough, the engine will still perform as it should. EGR Valves are also very common due to the soot clogging the valve so that fewer exhaust gasses pass through, this will cause the DPF not to Regenerate correctly which in time will cause the DPF to block, clog and later lead to a failure. some of these EGR faults can be repaired using our intake clean.

Poor Fuel Qualities.

Poor fuel quality will not burn as clean and produce more carbon & soot, causing the dpf to block, clog and later lead to failure.
Always use premium branded fuels, supermarket fuels are usually low quality, you really get what you pay for with fuel.
Also most people don’t know but a lot of cars will not attempt to regenerate if the fuel level is below a quater of a tank… keep your tanks topped up guys!

Poor Maintenance & Servicing.

Poor maintenance and servicing of your vehicles engine has a big part to play in DPF failures. If you engine hasn’t been serviced or serviced using the incorrect oils then you could be at risk. Using the incorrect engine oil can cause the DPF to block, clog and later lead to a failure, also poor servicing can lead to engine or turbo failure. Always use manufacture spec oils and filters this will help keep the ash / carbon & soot levels minimal, always check your fluid levels, this will help the engine stay cool and healthy.

Short Distance Journeys.

Short distance journeys will not produce the heat needed to regenerate the DPF, a DPF regeneration can take up to 40 minutes to complete a successful regeneration so having a lot of short journeys your dpf may not reach the heat required to burn the soot and carbon away which overtime will block or clog.



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